Smart Factory Technologies:
Automating and Tracking Industrial Manufacturing Facilities

Smart Factory Technologies is using over 55 years of industrial sales experience and focusing on how to take what is happening on the plant floor and translate it into high level usable data that can be used to make businesses safer and more efficient. By utilizing long range RFID through a combination of hardware and software packages, we can take a myriad of sensors and read heads and result usable data in a pre-packaged stackable software solution. Whether you want to track times at each station, track your product through your facility, or track location of your employees so you can understand where their time is being spent, we can get you immediate feedback on your network. This gives management all the data needed to improve efficiency and save money.

While some consider this concept Factory 4.0 or Industry 4.0, SFT’s goal is to computerize a customer’s facility. Over the Internet of Things (IOT), we specialize using long range RFID read heads and sensors to communicate in cyber-physical systems that cooperate with each other and with humans in real-time both internally and across organizational services. With turnkey stackable software packages, the customer can dictate the exact data needed, and SFT can deliver.

SFT has a patent pending product that utilizes long range RFID in a wide range of overhead crane applications including:

  • No Fly Zones
  • |
  • Anti-Collision System
  • |
  • Zone Presence System

These systems are designed to stop crane movement when something in the area is detected. It is modular level of safety that is pre-packaged for ease of setup and use.

Does your factory have a large staging area for finished goods, and you spend hours trying to find the inventory to ship?

The term “inventory tracking” can be broadly used throughout industry. SFT’s focus is on large product inventory tracking. We can utilize an industrial hardened sensor combined with an array of read heads and give you a precise location of the inventory you need to ship. No more time wasted search for that product in your warehouse or yard!

Would it pay for you to know what job your employee is working on during the day?

Using multizone sensors, SFT can track where your employees are at on an assembly line, or for that matter throughout the plant.

Do you want to know what product or job you should be billing your customer for?

SFT can associate an area of the plant or line with a particular product or job and accurately account for the employee’s hours.

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